Endel: my new favorite background music app

I have been trying out the music app Endel for a month and I am quite amazed at how it changed my life.

It helps me get into the zone easily. I will put on my headset, pick a “soundscape”, and get into the zone. There are 4 free “soundscapes” available: Focus, Relax, Sleep, and Move, where each soundscape is a continuous, generated sound track. One should be able to get what situation they are suitable based on the name.

I am sold by the idea of generated music. Instead of trying to steal your attention, the music provides the atmosphere without the listener caring about which song it is. The lack of choices is a feature to me. There is no need to search for “the right playlist” or “the right song” to start with when I decide to focus, to relax, or to sleep. Using the same soundscape may make me bored someday, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Reder Tseng @reder